Our HCE SWIM product family complies with emerging HCE EMV standards as well as PKI and PCI data security standards in order to securely deliver smartphone based mobile payments. We handle sensitive payment cardholder data within our PCI secured data centres conforming to the latest Industry payments and security standards promoted by Visa and MasterCard card schemes, EMVCo and the PCI Council.



HCE SWIM MPA Mobile SDK makes our clients’ app secure and payments rich.....

Our mobile app SDK software development kits integrate into our clients mobile apps in all business sectors (from financial and corporates). Functionally, our HCE SWIM MPA Mobile App enables HCE, E-cash, and peer-to-peer mobile tokenisation and payments with SCA (Strong Customer Authentication).


HCE SWIM MAP Platform turns Smartphones into Digital Card Accounts….

Our HCE SWIM MAP managed service has greater than 99.95% uptime as expected within the financial IT industry. We also have the capability to scale our hosted infrastructure globally to include more secure data centres as part of our global cloud TSP “Tokenisation Service Provider”. With a strong management team and commitment towards deploying national ‘cloud’ tokenisation services and offering excellent customer and partner support, HCEservice.com is all set to respond to the global mobile HCE, UPI peer-to-peer and E-cash payments revolution.

HCE Service Benefits

Summary benefits:

  • Single service for mobile HCE, E-cash and UPI payments services

  • PCI-DSS HCE, PSD2, RBI, PKI and EMVCo compliance

  • SAAS low-entry costs with no CAPEX for customers

  • Annual Recurring Fees based on active registered digital card accounts population



Fraud reduction    

Our HCE SWIM MAP platform provides enhanced PKI for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) which is EU PSD2 (Payment Service Directive 2) compliant. All messages transmitted over untrusted networks contain authentication and non-repudiation cryptographic checksums.

Merchant cost efficiency

 The merchant does not need to especially invest in mobile payments as integrations into merchant mobile apps and websites are simple.


Lower issuer costs

Digitial card account issuance costs are significantly reduced by providing complete end-to-end SAAS (software as a Service).


Data privacy

Our solution gives consumers the ability to opt-in or -out of applications and services limiting access to private information.


International compatibility with the EMV contactless payments standard

Our solutions are compliant to EMVCo and HCE standards and meet all strong customer authentication requirements imposed by RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and EU (European Union) PSD2 (Payment Service Directive 2).