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Card payments with consciencecdf

Merchants get free card reader and instant settlement with IPOS WALLET mobile payments app!

London – 19.08.2020 – Today IPOSUP (, the financial technology company that allows businesses of all sizes but particularly micro-merchants to receive payments quickly and simply, is launching a free pre-Christmas offer for its next generation chip and PIN and contactless card payment device called ‘IPOS bric’ and its new ‘IPOS soft’ product for contactless…
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A payment card breach can put micro-merchants out of business, so what can they do to prevent it?

London, 24th August 2020: Payment card data breaches have resulted in financial losses and sometimes business failure for merchants and service providers that have been inept in protecting IT systems and business payment processes. The problem is not just limited to high-profile corporates as breaches can occur with small- to micro- businesses employing less than…
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INSTANT SETTLEMENT OF CARD PAYMENTS LONDON – 10TH SEPTEMBER 2020 ECASH Account lets merchants access card takings in seconds! expects to launch pre-Christmas 2020 a new ECASH Account card payments settlement service for UK businesses. The new product based on blockchain ledger technology helps to solve one of the biggest challenge small businesses face:…
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IPOSUP.COM proposes Customer Self-service ‘Menu-Order-Tap-To-Pay-At-Table’ App for Restaurants and Bars to be COVID-19 Ready

LONDON – 11TH OCTOBER 2020 Restaurants and Bars can provide COVID-19 Ready ‘Menu-Order’ functions integrated with ‘IPOS WALLET’ apps to their guests to download for placing self-service food and beverage orders and making chip and PIN and/or contactless card payments with physical Visa & Mastercards directly at the table without waiters. With the ‘Menu-Order-Tap-To-Pay-At-Table’ app Ecash and EGift…
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